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Update Your Digital Self


Your digital presence is more important than ever, and now is the perfect time for some digital updates. Make sure that everything from your professional site to your social media is up to date. Here are four areas that you can re-evaluate today: 1. Website In this […]

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Creating A Listing That Sells


Online listings are the first step of almost every real estate sale these days so it is crucial that yours be in great shape. Attracting buyers with property listings can be a challenge for many real estate agents, but if you keep the right things in mind […]

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Using Social Media To Expand Your Client Base


Today’s buyer will search online at some point during the buying process. When they do, it’s crucial that your business and contact information show up at the top of the search results. Many people think that this can cost thousands of dollars, but you can do a […]

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The Key To Establishing Mutual Expectations


A successful buyer experience can be traced back to a straightforward REALTOR®-buyer initial consultation. Here, the whole home buying journey is launched from a mutual set of realistic expectations based on input from both parties, but it’s up to the REALTOR® to take the lead. Asking the […]

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Generate More Seller Leads This Summer


Real estate professionals are in the business of selling and, because of this, generating leads is the lifeblood of a successful career. When it comes to generating new leads, the more people you can reach, the more successful you will be. However, in the current seller’s market, […]

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Knowing Your Audience When Advertising Online


With the prevalence of technology, people across the world are spending an increasing amount of time online. Be it through computers, tablets, smartphones, or other devices, to be alive in 2016 means to be familiar with the internet. Marketing has transformed to satisfy this changing technological culture. […]

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Get The Most Out Of Your Open Houses


Looking to make the most of your open houses? The following three tips can help up your open house game. Digitize For REALTORS® who want to enhance the Open House experience for prospects and bolster their own system for capturing leads, Open Home Pro fits the bill. […]

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How To Reconnect With Clients


Many real estate agents lose touch with their clients after the transaction has closed. After all, you don’t have a reason to contact your clients after the sale has gone through, right? Wrong! The close of the deal is only the start of your relationship with your […]

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Save Money And Energy!


Home improvements may improve the value of your home, but they often cost you a lot more. What if you could improve your home and save money at the same time? Summer is one of the best times of year to make some changes around your home […]

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Why Doesn’t My Website Show Up On Google?


Your website is a very important part of your business. It’s often your primary online presence and can be a great source for leads. The more traffic that you are able to direct to your website, the more leads you will typically acquire. Unfortunately, for most people, […]

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