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Archive for May 2013

Making Yourself Indispensable to Your Real Estate leads Part II


It doesn’t matter if a home buyer lead is working with another agent if you focus on them and not on the homes on the market. The old days of homebuyers not having access to real estate listings are long gone. Everyone has the same inventory. Now it is […]

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Making Yourself Indispensable to Your Real Estate leads Part I


We so often think that houses sell or mortgages are agreed on by real estate leads which makes them into actual clients. This is the trap that we fall into way too often. People don’t buy houses, they buy homes; homes to live in and raise a […]

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Qazzoo Continues to Change the World of Real Estate Lead Generation


Like anything that is worth doing Qazzoo is worth doing right and to do things right we are constantly changing and improving the system that is Qazzoo. With several patents on social search engine technology, we are obviously the first to create such a platform. What happens when you […]

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The real value of Real Estate Leads


Real estate leads can only be as good as the agent or lender that connects with them. The days when deals fell from the skies like golden nuggets of warm rain are over for the time being. Working, I mean working leads is the new norm much […]

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Speaking for his board colleagues

In other areas, Verizon is replacing copper phone lines with optical fiber, which allows the company to offer cable like TV services and ultrafast broadband. Water can short out and corrode copper wire, but optical fiber is made of glass and transmits light rather than electricity, so […]

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“The guys call it ‘spa night,'” says Ripi

Gorda also hopes the trio will remain unaltered; been nice. We been doing good so far and hopefully we keep together and help out the boys as much as we can, he said, all play similar games and we expect each other to be in certain spots […]

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150 Real Estate Leads for $99


Sounds to good to be true…but guess what it is….true. With the new system of generating real estate leads via social media. Qazzoo is able to pass the savings of more old school real estate lead gen platforms to the professional as well as the benefit to […]

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The New Qazzoo


What? You haven’t heard of Qazzoo? Have you been preparing your meals and watching TV from below the confines of an enormous rock? Qazzoo is fairly new and we understand that things take time but it is close to a year now that Qazzoo has been online […]

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Son, Mike, worked with the rest of the team to honor Cooper by

This is incorrect. A quick Wikipedia check reveals that United went 25 years without winning a title before Ferguson’s arrival. After initially inheriting a team second from bottom, his first season ended in a credible 11th position. Ms Hibbert said the reason adults’ fear had grown was […]

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The Qazzoo Convergence Factor


A convergence of Ground Breaking social search and traditional methods of doing business Over the past year Qazzoo has been introducing the world of lead generation to a completely new system that allows the business owner or real estate professional to select the people that they believe […]

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