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Archive for June 2013

Stay Calm and Sell On


Why in the world would someone become a Real Estate Agent? Are we masochist? Are we the people who might have reserved a spot on the rack during the Spanish Inquisition? Are we the people who think the “Gimp” in “Pulp Fiction” had a pretty good thing […]

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Handling Real Estate Leads improves Golf Scores


Okay, so golf may be seen as an elitist sport played by old men and rich people but I can tell you that my wife has been playing for some time and she is neither rich nor an elitists. Her family is from West Virginia and they […]

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By Referral only or generating your own Real Estate Leads…doing the math


We as real estate professionals have been taught from the beginning to work by referral. Why you may ask? Then again you may not have but I am going to ramble on about it anyway. Many Real Estate firms work on the same principle as multilevel marketing. […]

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Real Estate leads and the Condiment Christmas


You asked for it you got it…more on my Uncle! He was my father’s brother. They were never real close because there was some 15 years difference in age. My father being the eldest. Dad was much like his brother as they both concentrated on keeping overhead […]

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Tips to following up with Real Estate Leads Part I


“Why do Real Estate leads require more follow-up now than ever before?” This is one of those unasked questions that we all wonder about but we don’t address. We instead assume the leads were poor or the lead source was a scam. What we don’t do is […]

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Real Estate Leads to a Bright Summer


If your winter was like most Real Estate professionals it was not the best time to enjoy the free time we normally get while the real estate market and the real estate leads themselves come to slower pace. Then we have Spring which was a nice change […]

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Keeping Sane in the Real Estate Game


When the dog days of summer are upon us we need to remain resolute in the pursuit of new business while not allowing another summer to pass by without enjoying it as much as possible. Is the golf course calling your name? Does the pool or beach […]

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The summer of leads


Summer time is time for Baseball, picnics and buying  homes. Real Estate leads always increase during the summer as people are more often looking to move before the next school year begins. This is always the case. During good economic times or bad, summer is the time […]

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