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Archive for July 2013

One question that we should ask every real estate lead


“You wanna buy what?” As simple as it sounds we sometimes are caught up in what we want to sell instead of asking and listening to the single most important thing that home buyers want to actually answer. They will tell anyone, their barber, their neighbor, strangers […]

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Why Home Sellers use Qazzoo


If you are selling your home do you want to sign a listing contract with an agent that works in your area or someone who may not know your area very well? Well if the answer is “My area” you would be correct and you would want […]

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Why are people so difficult to work with?

Sea-Tac Flight Control

In a past life I was an air traffic controller for about 5 years. I can tell you that without question that air traffic control is one tough job. It is not only the obvious parts of the job such as the lives of over a thousand […]

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Who’s Fault Is It Anyway?


Where do you place the blame when things start going wrong in your business? Do you blame that new intern that just got hired a week ago, the receptionist, the person who should have retired a few years ago, Well in my experience many times its blamed […]

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Why Mediocrity is Accepted?

youve got to be kidding me

We have been in the grips of a recession for over 5 years now and the new norm sort of sucks for a lot of us. Gas prices are at record levels and we don’t complain. In fact gas guzzling trucks are some of the best-selling vehicles […]

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Why home buyers use Qazzoo


My dad used to say “That is why they make Chocolate, Vanilla and sometimes Strawberry ice cream” When you are looking for a real estate agent or loan officer there is no better way than to have your needs met than by using Qazzoo. “Stop Searching and […]

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“In the lead up to Super Bowl XIII in 1979 between the

At the time cheap oakleys, he was just 39. Of course, you “know” this in a roundabout way if you’ve ever seen Cecil B DeMille’s The Plainsman (1937), where Gary Cooper is an adorable Hickok and Jean Arthur plays Calamity Jane winsome, lovely, in tailored buckskins. They […]

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Why Homebuyers use Qazzoo


This is as a diverse question that depends on the home buyer. Millions of home buyers have created their own Real Estate lead profile on Qazzoo. Real Estate professionals like to think that everyone knows an agent that they want to work with but this is not […]

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Real Estate Leads are not always what they appear

not what they seem

Judging a book by its cover or whatever cliché you want to use about not seeing the truth behind something that appears to be something that it may not be applies to real estate leads more than most applications I can think of. Maybe because I am […]

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My Favorite Feature of Qazzoo


Without question the best feature I can think of that Qazzoo possesses is the Flag Data Feature. This feature is awesome, let’s be honest for a second, we all have received a bogus lead before that has a bum email and phone number most likely an unbelievable […]

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