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Archive for August 2013

How to create a great real estate lead generation machine a step by step

new customers

Seriously doesn’t it just make us all a little crazy that real estate leads are people and people are sometimes motivated to tell less than the truth when they are online. The anonymity that the internet provides is somehow empowering people who shouldn’t have indoor plumbing to […]

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Does the Gold Rule apply to Real Estate leads?


Yes Siree it does. Doing what is best for others is never the wrong thing to do but in real estate and with real estate leads it is essential to growing your business. The days of hit and run, drive-by sales are long gone as people have […]

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Farewell Summertime Blues


Summer is officially here in full force, I don’t know about where all you readers are from, but I am from Severna Park, MD, and live in Annapolis, MD. If you are familiar with the area you understand how terrible the traffic is almost every day on […]

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The Golden Rule Rules

goldenrule 2

We all know the Golden Rule but do we look beyond the obvious nature of the Rule and do we act on it or do we just know it and move on? The Golden Rule is not “He who has the gold rules” this is the joke […]

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The 3 Types of Real Estate Leads


1. The real estate leads that say they will never buy a house from someone else 2. The real estate leads that say they might buy a house from someone else 3. The real estate leads that say they will buy a house from the agent that […]

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Are buyers liars or are we expecting too much from them?


As a real estate agent for over a decade and another dozen plus years of online real estate experience I can speak from my own experience and say “It’s a little bit of both” Buyers are people and people will generally provide information that puts them in […]

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Real Estate Leads and Service Industries…


Today we are going to talk about real estate leads and service industries. I took the time to go to and search “service industry” to get the official definition, it states “an industry made up of companies that primarily earn revenue through providing intangible products and […]

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Newspapers and the wild west of the internet


Why has working Real Estate leads become more difficult while the internet is supposed to help connect people like never before? The internet today is not too different from the newspaper business in the muck racking era we learned about in high school. This was when William […]

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Real Estate Leads and the Roulette Wheel


Do we ever go to Vegas with the expectation of winning? Most people don’t but some people do and those are normally the ones that come home broke and wondering why they have a feeling of shame. The truth is that Vegas has the odds in their […]

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I Hate Analogies like a Dog Hates Cats


I mean does everything have to be an analogy or cliché? Well I say “Better Safe than Sorry.” Clichés keep us from having to think too hard about what we are writing and release us from the shackles of original thought. We are free to exploit the […]

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