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Archive for September 2013

Where are all the exclusive real estate leads?

flying unicorn

The idea of exclusive leads is close to the concept of unicorns flying over rainbows that lead to pots of gold. Does anyone really think that a home buyer goes online and contacts a single real estate agent or lender. The truth is that when someone goes […]

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Visualization tools that help make Real Estate leads…Real Estate DEALS


Don’t let me go crazy on this subject as I will be all too tempted to do so. The method of shopping for a new home or a pair of socks is the same. It is all about eliminating options and narrowing our focus. When we forget […]

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Zig Ziglar


The Qazzoo representative responsible for the Carolina’s is Mike Hobgood. He was recently on the phone with a new client and the new client gave Mike a quote from the master of sales Zig Ziglar. The quote goes something like this: It was one of the best […]

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Handling Real Estate leads in a recovery


We have gotten so used to the real estate market being in recovery that we may not know what to do anymore when the market is fully recovered. The National Association of Realtors just announced that the price of homes has seen their highest year over year […]

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Personality Conflicts and Overcoming Them


Personalities are like opinions and we all know about opinions and who has them. The personality question is not only which real estate leads we get along with but also who are we able to get along with in order to do more business. Some of us […]

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How to communicate that closing now is best for your mortgage leads


Low rates are created they are not born of some coupling of two financial entities after a great night at a local club. They are created by the federal government trying to balance supply and demand. While demand is low the rates are artificially lowered in the […]

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Mortgage leads and the effect appreciation has on interest rates


With rates racing up to still ridiculous rates we would think that mortgage applications would be flooding in and the business would be back to its peak in 2007 but the housing prices have not caught up with the market and that leaves a lot of would […]

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Which real estate agent is the right one for me?


A question that many homebuyers think they know the answer to but few do. The real estate agent that you work with should be the one that you feel most comfortable with. If you are an aggressive person “Type A” you probably want an aggressive “Type A” […]

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The Big Question


Why do some real estate leads lead to the closing table and others never will? This is the question we ask ourselves every day. Even if we don’t verbalize it or think it consciously it stays in the back of our mind like a burning ember that […]

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Why Qazzoo is for YOU – Reason 4584


Reason 4584 – Select your own Real Estate Leads What you talking about Willis? That is right you can pick your own leads whenever you want. Anytime and anywhere you want. Qazzoo doesn’t have any geographic limitations. You can search wherever you want to work or anywhere you […]

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