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Archive for November 2013

We have seen it all by now, right? Wrong!

social media2

The advances that are taking place online are sometimes not seen as a one day occurrence. Shifts like Facebook come slower than that. They are small gradual changes that are brought to us from several different directions. Facebook wasn’t the first social platform, they weren’t even second. […]

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Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns (about the economy) Part II


As covered in a previous article there is a marked difference between the complaint and the concerns that we here from home buyers and home sellers in today’s economic landscape. The complaint is that the average household income has declined by $4,000 a year, or declined by […]

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Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns about finding the right real estate agent


This was one of the main drivers of creating Qazzoo from the very outset. How can a home buyer  determine who is the right agent for them? Will the agent they call want to work with them? Is the agent compatible with their personality? Is the agent […]

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Qazzoo Reviews Home Buyer Complaints Part II

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As Qazzoo reviews the results from a recent home buyer survey the second most common complaint from homebuyers was that they felt that they were not listened to by the real estate agent. “Not listened to” was a distant second to the most common complaint from home […]

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Marketing with YouTube? Part III


I began this series of posts a little over three months ago now, and I am happy to say that by sticking with my routine and working on my videos every day I have successfully ranked a Qazzoo video on the first page of the YouTube search […]

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Qazzoo Complaints Regarding Social Media Part II


It was early in the concept stages of the development of Qazzoo that we determined the following…Social media had little to no geographic functionality. This is key to real estate agents and millions of small businesses around the world. This geographic dilemma was one of the most […]

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Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns about Health Care


As the health care law draws closer to being in full swing the thought of being taxed again doesn’t appeal to most people. Most people are not wealthy and don’t have public relations firms working to hone their image by putting them on television spots endorsing the […]

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I Must Do the Most Productive Thing at Every Given Moment


This has long been the mantra of the most productive people in real estate and in other industries. This mantra is an important thought to allow to run through a persons’ head. To keep the momentum of the day to continue after a successful closing or if […]

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Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns about the future of the real estate market


Complaints about the future of the real estate market differ greatly from one state to another and often from one county to another. Parts of California have seen dramatic shifts upwards that are only complained about by those that want to buy into the market. Other states […]

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Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns (about the economy) Part I


As voiced by the thousands of home buyers that the social media and marketing teams at Qazzoo reach everyday there are several complaints that they constantly are approached with and concerns that are the underpinnings of the complaints. The complaints come from every financial and geographic area […]

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