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Archive for February 2014

How to make the web work in Real Estate Part I


First let’s go over what doesn’t work and why. Like most good stories or trouble shooting initiatives it starts in the beginning. Step #1 A Realtor gets a website built with their logo and pictures of beautiful homes and they are told by their family and friends how professionals […]

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Is Banner advertising better than Cost Per Click?


In short “No” Not only do banner ads have less targeting than CPC ads but they can be completely overlooked by the page-viewer while the advertiser is generally charged based on how many times the advertisement appears on someone’s browser (Impressions). This doesn’t mean that anyone has […]

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Is it possible to close a deal using social media?

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere

Using Social Media for your brand is like going to a dance and asking every girl in attendance to dance with you over the loud-speaker. One lonesome lady may say “OK” but I can guarantee she isn’t the bell of the ball. Social Media has improved and […]

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Why Is Pay Per Click Terrible?

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The trouble with Pay-Per-Click advertising is the same problem with most types of passive advertising; it lacks any type of real filtration and relies on the other guy doing something. This is why PPC is not much different from outbound marketing media like radio (which I personally hate). […]

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Who is better at Pay-Per-Click Advertising Google, Bing or Yahoo?


For my money I have always had more success with Google. Between Google’s click through traffic and conversion rates both being higher than any other source and the reach of Adsense which brings another dimension to Google that really cannot be compared to either of the two […]

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2014 Ripe Fruit or Another Year of Getting By?


It is always our choice to either make the best of the fruit that we are have or wish we had different fruit. You see, “fruit” is the very subtle simile for real estate leads in this incredibly deep and thought provoking peace of literary, professional soul […]

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Would you rather be sailing?


If you would rather be sailing or whatever the cliché is in your neck of the woods, you are not alone. We would, most of us anyway be playing tennis, sailing, skiing or whatever the local outdoors provides. The difference between being able to do these things […]

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Give Yourself a Break


Are we all beating ourselves with sticks and screaming for the pain to stop? Why do we continually bash ourselves for things we have no control over? The answers are often that we are comparing today to yesterday or worse sometimes we are going so far as […]

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Burning Car Carcasses


If anyone has ever driven through an area where the home ownership percentage is lower than the national average they will in most cases also see a lower than average concern for the condition and upkeep of the properties in that area. Regardless of the size and […]

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Show and Tell


It is any surprise that people don’t take our word for things that we know to be true? What happened to trust and faith in our fellow-man? The great shift occurred when we were all younger or not yet born. Truthfully most of were not yet born. […]

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