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Archive for March 2014

Favorite Pin Friday: Pool Water Slide


We are starting a new series that highlights my favorite Pinterest Pin of the week. I’m always open for inspiration so if you see something that you think I would love send it to me on Pinterest or leave a link in the comment section! Without further […]

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New Challenges For Real Estate Agents


With new laws, the recovering housing market and the internet adding their influence on the industry, the role of a real estate agent is changing. With competition picking up it is more important than ever for real estate firms to identify challenges and create solutions. Majority of […]

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Will Google ever catch Facebook?


Never and they should stop trying. It’s a pretty simple ratio 750 million to ZERO. But the math just doesn’t seem to set in over at Google. How about playing with your own toys and leaving the other toys alone for the other kids to play with? […]

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pandora jewellery Never overlook gold scraps

Was an easy decision for us to offer unlimited email storage, says CEO and founder Bob Parsons. Gives our customers the peace of mind they will always have space for incoming emails. This is about giving our customers what they want and that what Go Daddy is […]

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Qazzoo Presents at the TechCrunch Meetup in Washington D.C.


On Tuesday, March 18th, our very own Jim Buffington gave a 60 second pitch about Qazzoo at TechCrunch‘s legendary meetup + pitch-off event. To view the video of the pitch CLICK HERE to continue to the Qazzoo YouTube Channel! Link to this post!

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Search Engine Optimization, SEO for Small Business


The words or letters or acronym or whatever, make me shiver. The amount of black magic and bullshit that is out there is staggering. SEO is the single most oversold, under qualified, unimaginable load of crap that you will ever be pitched. The companies that do this […]

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Great Review for Qazzoo from Eric C.


Today we received this from Eric C. in Chicago, IL. Hi Matt, I just wanted to update you and let you know how things are coming along. I’m a mortgage banker and I am shocked at how high the lead to contact ratios are with the Qazzoo leads. […]

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How does RESPA apply to the purchasing of leads?

RESPA Webinar 360X234

In short the rules that Congress put in place referred to as RESPA were designed to circumnavigate the thousands of small syndicates of real estate professionals that had conspired to bilk the home buyer out of as much money as they could without being detected. RESPA has […]

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Who’s the boss?

whos the boss

It seems to be a subject coming up a lot lately, during the house buying or selling process just who is the boss? I have seen many real estate agents that attempt to tell their clients what to do because they know that is the right way […]

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What Are Today’s Buyers Looking For In A Home


The home buyer of today is a very different home buyer than we had just 5 to 10 years ago, here is what today’s homebuyers are looking for. Quality of the neighborhood Neighborhoods are important to people, which type of neighborhood they are looking for depends on […]

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