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Archive for December 2014

Qazzoo Reveals How To Always Get Paid By a Tenant II


As property owners sometimes we rent out homes that we own. Or as an agent we may work as property manager for some or all of our clients. This can be as hard as we make it or it can be easier by practicing a couple of […]

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Favorite Pin Friday: Colorful Igloo


It’s Friday again and that means Favorite Pin Friday! Remember I’m always open for inspiration so if you see something that you think I would love send it to me on Pinterest or leave a link in the comment section! This looks amazing, I cannot fathom how […]

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Qazzoo Reveals How To Always Get Paid By a Tenant I


The first thing to do is to recognize that if the relationship starts out rocky it will probably not turn around. At Qazzoo we don’t generally work with rentals but we do work with people who work with their own rental properties. The last thing that we […]

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Qazzoo and Dealing with Frustration


I was recently in a mortgage office and overheard the owner of the company complaining about getting a hold of some clients that were out of the country for a week and then they got back and he is having trouble reconnecting with them. He went on […]

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