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Archive for May 2015

Qazzoo Serves up New Business


Many agents and loan officers make the mistake of thinking that home buyers and sellers already know someone in the industry and therefore there is no reason to generate new business. These unfortunate professionals are bound to repeat the same mistake over and over when it comes […]

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Qazzoo complaints about Social Media


Facebook is the best thing since Google hit the web with a thud that shook the earth and caused us to collectively scratch our heads and wonder why no one had been able to create a search engine that worked half as well. Google was great because […]

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Favorite Pin Friday: Watermelon Cupcakes


It’s Friday again and that means Favorite Pin Friday! Remember I’m always open for inspiration so if you see something that you think I would love send it to me on Pinterest or leave a link in the comment section! These are so cool! My kids love […]

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