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Archive for August 2015

Favorite Pin Friday: Make A Kite

It’s Friday again and that means Favorite Pin Friday! Remember I’m always open for inspiration so if you see something that you think I would love send it to me on Pinterest or leave a link in the comment section! This will be a fun project to […]

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Qazzoo Referral Real Estate Leads Part 3


The early bird doesn’t get the worm as often as the consistent bird. The consistent bird is the one that stays on the case and is not determined to be right. Being right may make some people happy but it doesn’t make their lives easier or more […]

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Qazzoo Reviews the Connection between Interest Rates and Housing Bubbles

interest rate

Interest rates are a major driver in the housing market. When interest rates go up the value of homes come down and the opposite is also true. In many cases it is the cost of money that enables people to move up or keeps them from moving […]

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