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Archive for 2018

Is the Midwest the Best?


According to, if you want to buy a home, you should go to the Midwest. As recently as July, there has been a big shift in interest away from pricey markets in California and New England towards more affordable markets in the rest of the country, […]

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5 Real Estate Web Design Elements that Will Get You More Leads


Having an online presence is extremely important to growing your business, especially if you are trying to increase your lead pool. Over90% of home buyers start their search online, so you want to make sure your website is catching any potential clients that land on it and […]

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Trending – Foreign Buyers


So far this summer, the market has been driven by a lot of buyers competing for a limited amount of houses, especially in big cities where populations are dense and unemployment numbers are low. Another piece of the puzzle fueling this supply and demand trend is the […]

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Real Estate Term of the Day – Landominium


“Landominium” is a term used to describe an instance in which, in a housing development, an owner has possession of both the unit and the land on which it is built. Usually, in condominium or developed neighborhoods, the land on which the building stands is owned by […]

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10 House Hunting Red Flags


When you are looking for a new home, it is easy to be swept off your feet by good staging, a view, or even a trendy neighborhood. But, it is incredible important to do a thorough inspection of a home when you get to tour it, especially […]

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Wallethub’s Best Cities to be a Realtor


Recently, Wallethub published a comprehensive study on the best cities to be in if you are a realtor. They compared more than 170 U.S. cities across 18 key indicators of a healthy real-estate environment, including sales per agent, annual median wage for real estate agents, and housing […]

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Real Estate Term of the Day – Gazump


  It sounds like a made up word, or something you might say to someone after they sneeze, but in places like the UK “Gazump” is a legitimate real estate term. It refers to the practice of raising the price of a previously agreed upon deal. For […]

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Easy Guide to Interior Design


While interior design is fun to look at and think about, it can quickly become overwhelming to try and do it yourself without the help of an interior designer. There is a lot that goes into interior design, and making a room come together on your own […]

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Unpacking Airbnb


In the last  five years or so, the popularity of the home-share app Airbnb has skyrocketed, many choosing to search for an Airbnb for their vacation instead of a traditional hotel. Airbnbs are a great option for vacationers, because they allow them be in a home environment […]

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Real Estate Term of the Day – Encroachment


Encroachment, in real estate, is when a property owner violates the property rights of his neighbor by building or extending a structure to a neighbor’s property. This happens most often when a property owner is not aware of his property boundaries. It is also sometimes referred to […]

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