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Archive for October 2018

More Real Estate Fun Facts to Make Your Day More Interesting


It’s Thursday, and the weekend is so close we can practically all taste it. So, why not brighten up the end of your week with some real estate fun facts? Here are 10 of the most interesting facts that we found this week: A homeowner’s net worth […]

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Which Cities Have the Most Annoying Neighbors?


We all know those types of neighbors. The ones who are constantly playing loud music, hogging all the parking or parking where they aren’t supposed to, or generally just being a nuisance. Recently, the home improvement website surveyed 2,500 people from 24 of the nation’s largest […]

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3 Markets Struggling to Recover from the Great Recession

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It has been a decade since the market crash and Great Recession of 2008, and many markets have bounced back and learned how to thrive. However, there are some cities that took the hit harder than others and are struggling to bring their economies back to base. […]

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