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How Much Difference Does Your Interest Make?


When it comes to interest rates, it is easy to know that the lower they are, the lower your payment will be. But, just how much of an effect can interest rates have on your mortgage payment? More than you think, actually. This infographic from Freddie Mac […]

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10 Crazy Real Estate Facts from Around the World

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Because everyone needs a home all over the world, real estate can feature in world events and pop culture in ways that you wouldn’t normally expect. Just to prove it to you, we’ve compiled 10 facts about real estate from around the world that will make you […]

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Hurricane Florence Damage Could Total $170 Billion


Category 4 Hurricane Florence is preparing to make landfall in the Carolinas by Friday morning, and early estimations show that over 750,000 homes could be affected by the storm, making the budgets for anticipated reconstruction climb to 170 billion. A potential 15ft storm surge paired with the […]

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Trending – Efficiency Apartment


Efficiency apartments are growing in popularity, especially since so many jobs are becoming available and people are flooding to cities to take advantage of the great job opportunities, driving up rental costs. These apartments are similar to studios in that it has no distinctive bedroom and if […]

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Real Estate Term of the Day – Conveyance


Conveyance is the act of transferring ownership interest in property from one owner to another. This word often refers to a written object, like a deed or a lease, that legally transfers the property from a seller to a buyer. Conveyance of ownership of real estate is […]

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The Difference Between Realtors, Agents, and Brokers


If you are not very familiar with the real estate industry, figuring out the difference between an agent, a realtor and a broker can be difficult. They all seem to do similar things, and how many different ways can there be to help buy or sell houses […]

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Interesting Statistics About Realtors


Have you ever wondered what Realtors as a whole are like? You probably have worked with a realtor that you know very well, or maybe some of your friends or family members are in the real estate business. But, it is easy to wonder what the rest […]

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3 of the Most Amazing and Unique Homes in the World


Many people envision the same thing when picturing a house. In fact, if you asked someone at random to draw a house, you would probably end up with the same drawing from multiple people. A square or rectangular home with a triangular roof, a couple of windows, […]

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Real Estate Term of the Day – Capital Improvement

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A capital improvement is a permanent structural change or restoration of some aspect of a property that will enhance the property’s value, increase its useful life or adapt it to new uses. This type of improvement must have a life expectancy of more than one year, and […]

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Unpacking Lead Generation Conversion Rates


If you are prospecting for your own leads or getting them through online conversion, this chart will help you understand the number of contacts to eventual listings you should be striving for out of those leads. This infographic from The Real Estate Trainer makes it easy to […]

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