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Buyers are what we make from them

buyerReal estate leads are not too different from wheat. We can make a lot of things out of wheat, some are better than others and it all depends on the person who has the wheat. If we give wheat to a miller we are likely to get flour. Then we give the flour to a baker and we are likely to get a cake. If we give the same wheat to a brewer we are likely to get a cage of beer. If we give the wheat to a distiller we are likely to get a very nice whiskey or vodka. It all depends on the person receiving the wheat and what they choose to do with it.

Real estate leads are virtually the same as wheat as what comes from the real estate leads is based on who receives the wheat to begin with. The end results will be determined from there. If the real estate agent is a person that focuses on foreclosures there is a very good chance the real estate buyer is going to be shown some rentals and could become a renter. If on the other hand the real estate agent is focused on a particular neighborhood there is a very good chance that real estate lead is going to become a resident of that neighborhood.

If the real estate agent is proactive and calls the real estate leads on a scheduled basis there is a better chance that the real estate lead is going to become a client while the converse is also true. If the real estate agent is of the mindset that determines that if the buyer wanted to buy they would call them back on the first phone call there is a better than average chance that real estate lead is going to remain in the house they already occupy.

Qazzoo was designed to be a proactive tool for homebuyers, home sellers, loan officers and real estate agents. It is not always up to the agent. Sometimes it is up the home buyer but diligent follow up has long been the biggest problem in any sales process and knowing that we can make the difference is the key to making a difference in our lives and in the lives of the real estate leads that are people just like us.

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  1. The agent is the potter and the lead is the clay does hold true the majority of the time. There are various grades of “clay” but by in large the potter determines the outcome.

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