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Qazzoo and When We Get What We Want

If we get to where we want to go faster and easier isn’t that better? That is what we thought at Qazzoo by removing the need to advertise and bringing the buyers and sellers to the business person. We thought about how the need to advertise takes so much time and has become less and less quantifiable over the past several years as we are being sold impressions instead of business contacts. Impressions don’t mean that anyone has done anything. Impressions just mean that someone has seen the page you paid to be on via advertising.

adImpressions were all the rage for a long time until cost per click was offered and blew impressions CPM out of the water. So now we are seeing the sales of impressions rising and the cost of lead generation going along with it. Qazzoo noticed this trend and felt that business people deserved better and we set out to provide what we think is a better way to generate new business. And thousands of our users feel the same way. By doing a quick search on Qazzoo in whatever area the business person wants to create new business the profiles of consumers will appear based on geographic and other criteria that allow for the business person to be able to adjust and get better search results. The more the user or the professional gets used to Qazzoo the more they will realize that it is designed more like a search engine than any lead generation tool they have ever used and the same rules apply regarding narrowing or expanding the search criteria in order to get the best results.

Criteria can be anything from credit ranking such as Excellent, Great, 700 plus or any other identifier of perfect credit. As a matter of fact “perfect” works perfectly as well. We need to remember when we first started using a search engine and how we learned how best to use them as they got better at being user-friendly. Qazzoo is always trying to learn the search parameters of the person using it and attempting to provide the best results possible so that the user is receiving the best results for them and how they search.

We don’t claim to be perfect and we realize that we need to continually try to improve what we have created. It can be a beast and we are always open to the suggestions of our users. We are here to serve and our ears are open at all times. The best way to improve Qazzoo is to feel free to make suggestions at and let us know how we can make your experience better. We want to get you what you want.

Michael Urbanski Michael Urbanski (1356 Posts)

Michael Urbanski is a successful entrepreneur with extensive experience online as the CEO/founder of Heavy Hammer since its inception in 1998. Heavy Hammer has several profitable online platforms for local advertising. Michael also owns several patents for geographic advertising online and has numerous other patents in process. Before launching Heavy Hammer in 1999 Michael was the top salesman for foreclosure homes in the state of Maryland. Among his accomplishments Mr. Urbanski has been a decorated Air Traffic Controller in the Air Force, a successful restaurateur and has written and produced several award winning feature films and top tier video games. Leveraging the success of his previous ventures and experiences, Michael self‑financed and launched Heavy Hammer which has been profitable every year of the 12 years it has been in operation.

  1. Early adopters are the winners in most new solutions as they get a lead on everyone else that is suspicious of new things.
    Adopt early and prosper longer.

  2. Qazzoo is a shortcut to making contact with future clients. Why would you want to take the long way around through traditional methods. I guess old habits die hard, but those who “get it” really love this service.

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