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The name “Adams” was used on some items through 1998

At last sch reopen. Haizzz. Some more different class from my frens. They fired back with a pistol, the bullet smashing into his knee with such force it twisted his leg around so it was facing the wrong way from the knee down.The attackers fled in Glozier’s BMW. A police investigation turned up the car but never identified the assailants. Glozier survived, the bullet narrowly missing a major artery.

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Michael Urbanski is a successful entrepreneur with extensive experience online as the CEO/founder of Heavy Hammer since its inception in 1998. Heavy Hammer has several profitable online platforms for local advertising. Michael also owns several patents for geographic advertising online and has numerous other patents in process. Before launching Heavy Hammer in 1999 Michael was the top salesman for foreclosure homes in the state of Maryland. Among his accomplishments Mr. Urbanski has been a decorated Air Traffic Controller in the Air Force, a successful restaurateur and has written and produced several award winning feature films and top tier video games. Leveraging the success of his previous ventures and experiences, Michael self‑financed and launched Heavy Hammer which has been profitable every year of the 12 years it has been in operation.

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