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Where are the Real Estate Leads…Continued

Real Estate LeadsMy decaf coffee wasn’t doing its job that morning in November of keeping me warm while not giving me the jitters I normally get when I drink the high octane stuff. I was getting myself upset for what had happened to newspapers. They had tied themselves to their business model that was too expensive to manufacture and circulate. It was too cumbersome to read and dispose of and it was WAY too expensive to advertise in.  This by itself is not mind blowing for those in the tech world which I had become over the past decade. But mentally I had moved so far from the thought of newspapers that I had forgotten how absolutely dumb they are. And that lady that handled my advertisements was such a wicked cow. She never had enough time for me to ask a question and was always so self-righteous. I hope she still works there. But that was the only way I could generate real estate leads back then without going door to door.

So you would think that because the readership had decreased by 65% that the cost of advertising would reflect that right? Wrong! I paid about $450 per week to the Washington post and generated about 10 real estate leads per advertisement. That is $45 per real estate lead. Today that same advertisement has the same price associated with it. Granted it has been 12 years and with inflation the price should have gone up but their circulation had dropped off the face of the world and that needs to be added to the equation. Believe me I called and checked on the pricing and it hadn’t changed in the dozen or so years since they held my financial fate in their hands.

Anyway, this leads me to my point perhaps slowly but I am getting there. The point is that real estate professionals are having the hardest time generating leads in todays overly technically sophisticated world that I believe that is one reason the real estate market is suffering. If a home buyer wants to find a home there are lots of opportunities to do so but finding the real estate agent that they want to work with is getting tougher all the time. And for real estate agents trying to get their message heard and generate some real estate leads that turn into business is nearly impossible. So what is a Real Estate agent or loan officer supposed to do about creating Real Estate leads?

The Newspapers and PennySavers of the world are not going to create any real estate leads of any number that comes close to being cost effective. Search Engine optimization is like trying to start a space program with a 2 by 4 and a kid named Bucky and you can put cost per click in the same bucket with your NASA program (no offense to Bucky). This brings us to social media. Oh good god could that be any less direct? And who is to blame for this mess that real estate agents find themselves in when trying to create real estate leads…you guessed it, The Washington Post. If only they were as smart as they are greedy. But then again if they were that smart they would have found a way to have the internet delivered to your door each morning in print.

Michael Urbanski Michael Urbanski (1356 Posts)

Michael Urbanski is a successful entrepreneur with extensive experience online as the CEO/founder of Heavy Hammer since its inception in 1998. Heavy Hammer has several profitable online platforms for local advertising. Michael also owns several patents for geographic advertising online and has numerous other patents in process. Before launching Heavy Hammer in 1999 Michael was the top salesman for foreclosure homes in the state of Maryland. Among his accomplishments Mr. Urbanski has been a decorated Air Traffic Controller in the Air Force, a successful restaurateur and has written and produced several award winning feature films and top tier video games. Leveraging the success of his previous ventures and experiences, Michael self‑financed and launched Heavy Hammer which has been profitable every year of the 12 years it has been in operation.

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