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Appraisal Myths in the Home Buying Process


Recently I came across an article regarding common appraisal myths in the home buying process. Some of the most common appraisal myths are listed below. Lenders: Myth: A lender and an appraiser cannot communicate before, during or after an appraisal is complete. Fact: Not only are lenders […]

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How does RESPA apply to the purchasing of leads?

RESPA Webinar 360X234

In short the rules that Congress put in place referred to as RESPA were designed to circumnavigate the thousands of small syndicates of real estate professionals that had conspired to bilk the home buyer out of as much money as they could without being detected. RESPA has […]

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Is your home pre-qualified for sale?


Does your home stack up against the mortgage approval process? In the world of real estate, we hear so much talk about buyers being pre-qualified or pre-approved when buying a home. Those selling their home might want to get their house pre-qualified so you know that it […]

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When planning your trip

When planning your trip, consider what time they wake up and how much time they need to prepare. They need to rest every now and then and they also walk slowly so give ample time. Choose places or activities which you can both enjoy like cruising, shopping, […]

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