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Fundamentals Don’t Change, Master Them


Major League Baseball player and manager Dick Williams once said, “Playing without the fundamentals is like eating without a knife and fork. You make a mess.” The same could be said for real estate. Many agents start their real estate careers full of motivation and knowledge of […]

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How to Win More Listings and Convert More Home Buyers


How do you win more listings and convert more buyers? First, develop a brand identity, separate your personal from your professional life on Facebook and remember that real estate is still a personal, local business. It may sound simple, and it can be, with the right tools! […]

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Home-Staging On A Budget

Home staging

We all want to make our houses look like they are “Designed to Sell”-worthy. But hiring a professional stager to prepare the home for prospective buyers can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour. Fortunately, homeowners can take matters into their own hands, many times for less […]

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The Power Of The Review


One of the most common questions I hear from our clients is, “How do I grow my customer reviews?” Client reviews are a powerful marketing tool—they offer the peer evaluation shoppers have come to trust, and you can bet that in this digital age, potential buyers or […]

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Creating A Listing That Sells


Online listings are the first step of almost every real estate sale these days so it is crucial that yours be in great shape. Attracting buyers with property listings can be a challenge for many real estate agents, but if you keep the right things in mind […]

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Using Social Media To Expand Your Client Base


Today’s buyer will search online at some point during the buying process. When they do, it’s crucial that your business and contact information show up at the top of the search results. Many people think that this can cost thousands of dollars, but you can do a […]

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The Key To Establishing Mutual Expectations


A successful buyer experience can be traced back to a straightforward REALTOR®-buyer initial consultation. Here, the whole home buying journey is launched from a mutual set of realistic expectations based on input from both parties, but it’s up to the REALTOR® to take the lead. Asking the […]

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How To Reconnect With Clients


Many real estate agents lose touch with their clients after the transaction has closed. After all, you don’t have a reason to contact your clients after the sale has gone through, right? Wrong! The close of the deal is only the start of your relationship with your […]

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Help In Combating For Sale By Owner

fsbo vs realtor

“For sale by owner” is increasingly popular for homeowners who think they know better than a real estate professional (or are looking to cut costs) and opt to sell their house without the aid of a professional. Real estate professionals know this to be unwise for many […]

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How To Connect With Millennials


The best way to connect with a client will always vary based on their preferences. But for those seasoned agents working to appeal to a millennial client, a lot can get lost in the age gap. Below are a handful of ways to come off as hip […]

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