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Use These Tips To ‘Wow’ Your Clients


When was the last time you were at a restaurant or store and received an unexpected service or treat? Perhaps your favorite restaurant gave you an appetizer on the house or the plant nursery you frequent gave you a free plant “just because.” Did it put a […]

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Outdoor Trends Buyers Are Looking For


If you’re considering putting your home on the market, don’t neglect your outdoor space while making improvements indoors as well. Your home’s exterior and the backyard are important in drawing the eyes of potential buyers and making your home as appealing as possible. Here are some modern […]

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Bring Your Best Game to the Game


We are human and we tend to avoid getting put in situations that make us uncomfortable. The idea of rejection has long been a fear of people and that is a driving force behind many a failed career. Rejection is part of the bigger picture. If everyone […]

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Video Texting Do’s and Don’ts


Video texting goes well beyond the video of our friends and co-workers so that we can share the party with those that could not attend. Video texting is a way of communicating quickly and with more impact than a traditional text. Which has greater impactful: Radio or […]

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3 Tips For Your Online Efforts To Be More Effective


Before the days of real estate portals and online visibility, real estate agents had to lug around large paper books that held that week’s available listings. During that time, geographic farming was the smart way to keep up with the local real estate market. An agent could […]

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Real Estate Agents Top Priority – Email Marketing


Email is easily the most ubiquitous digital communication technology. Ninety-five percent of online consumers have at least one email address and most check their email every day. If you are not incorporating this valuable tool into your real estate marketing, you are missing out on valuable leads. […]

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How To Attract Millennials, Both Agents And Customers


Millennials—people born in the 1980s to 1990s, and currently in their 20s—are now coming into their own. According to CNN, this generation has just surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest, and most diverse, generation in the country. Accordingly, they will soon become the largest group looking to […]

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How to Buy and Sell Houses Like a Pro


The housing market predictions are in and 2016 is set to be an active real estate year with a 3 percent increase in total home sales over 2015. Hoping to ease the home buying and selling process during this busy real estate time frame? Sellers: Improve Curb […]

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Dealing With Unrealistic Listing Prices


As a real estate expert, you offer a great deal of value to your clients. While you spend hours researching the top trends in their area, learning about the recent selling prices and creating the perfect marketing campaign, often your clients don’t realize the amount of effort […]

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Will Your Homeowners Insurance Be Affected By Remodeling Your Home?


Homebuyers with the vision to consider properties that need remodeling can be a real estate pro’s dream client. In addition to showing such buyers a wider range of homes, you can also help educate them on the potential effects remodeling can have on their homeowners insurance. While […]

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