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Steps In The Right Direction Of Homebuying


Gather financial information Too many potential buyers find the house and only then worry about financials. That might be why they’re only potential buyers. Instead, first take an X-ray of your financial life. Put exact numbers on the figures you’ve probably been estimating up to now: — […]

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Help In Combating For Sale By Owner

fsbo vs realtor

“For sale by owner” is increasingly popular for homeowners who think they know better than a real estate professional (or are looking to cut costs) and opt to sell their house without the aid of a professional. Real estate professionals know this to be unwise for many […]

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How To Buy Real Estate With A Small IRA Three Ways


With the popularity of Real Estate IRAs gaining ground, it’s important that you, as a trusted real estate advisor, stay up to date on this topic. Clients in your database that have retirement wealth may look to you to provide more information about investing in real estate. […]

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The Essentials That Are Needed To Achieve Success


Regardless of how much knowledge and experience you have, or think you have, there is still more to learn. Learning is essential for growth, and growth is critical to success. After all, if you don’t grow, how can you expect to push beyond what you think you’re […]

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Bring Your Best Game to the Game


We are human and we tend to avoid getting put in situations that make us uncomfortable. The idea of rejection has long been a fear of people and that is a driving force behind many a failed career. Rejection is part of the bigger picture. If everyone […]

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Using Text as a Tool


We text our friends and family every day. We send pics and videos of strange and interesting places and we receive pics of what people are eating or about to eat way too often. What most of us don’t normally do is use our text feature as […]

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List Of New Home Essentials


Investing in real estate is one of the most financially sound things you can do, but buying a new home might feel intimidating when it is your first time. It is understandable that you’d want to make the best decision possible. Here are six things to look […]

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First Time Buyers Struggle With Increased Prices Of Limited Market


Home values are rising the fastest among entry-level homes in more than half of the largest U.S. housing markets. Rising home values in this segment of the market can be attributed to a lack of supply, with 10 percent fewer homes for sale this year compared to […]

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How can you help your clients with their home improvement?

Want this house. Pleasant charming woman holding project of her new house and looking at it with professional realtor standing in the background

Here are three common areas in which you can help your customers who want to improve their homes, in turn increasing your value as their real estate agent. 1. Expand the Square Footage Small homes that can accommodate the addition of square footage can be a great […]

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Top Tips For Smooth Transactions In 2016


The top tips for 2016 home buyers include: Be the early bird. Over 85 percent of buyers who plan to purchase in the next year intend to buy in the spring or summer of 2016, according to our most recent® survey. With roughly 50 percent more […]

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