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The Power Of The Review


One of the most common questions I hear from our clients is, “How do I grow my customer reviews?” Client reviews are a powerful marketing tool—they offer the peer evaluation shoppers have come to trust, and you can bet that in this digital age, potential buyers or […]

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Managing your presence online


Make sure you have a professional and current photo. If your client can’t recognize you from the picture on your business card or website, it’s probably time to get those new headshots. It’s also best to save the selfies for your friends on Instagram and Facebook. Keep […]

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How Can You Prepare For A Pre-Listing Home Inspection


A couple of the first questions you may ask once you decide to list your home for sale are: what will a home inspector be looking at and how can I possibly prepare for a home inspection? For answers, we turned to the National Association of Home […]

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Qazzoo Reviews Why The Best Time Of Year To Promote Your Business Is Now


You’ve worked hard all year; now is the time to set your business on cruise control and take a breather, right? Wrong! This is the approach many agents take, and then they wonder why business is so slow at the beginning of the year. The last quarter […]

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Qazzoo Reviews the Connection between Employment and Housing Bubbles


The simple rule of thumb is that when unemployment gets higher than eight percent the market is headed for a fall or is already falling. When unemployment is below five percent the economy is stable and the first time home buyer market is running at an acceptable […]

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Qazzoo reviews the signs of a coming bubble

dollar bubble

The idea that we cannot tell the future is a falsehood if we study history. We know that if our kids skipped school and they did not get punished in a meaningful way that they are going to repeat the same action. We know that if our […]

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Qazzoo Reviews Ninja loans and Next Bubble


We are not alone as others have written about or speculated on the next bubble in real estate. The goal of Qazzoo reviewing the next bubble is to help as many people avoid it as possible. When we have had bubbles every couple of decades since the […]

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Qazzoo reviews the future of real estate and the coming bubble


We have all grown tired of reading or talking about the real estate bubble and how it caused the global collapse of the entire world’s economy. That stuff is just too heavy to have to read,  chat with our friends and coworkers about. And that is why […]

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Qazzoo reviews the options of Repurposing


There are so many rotary phones out there but there are so few good ideas that can be done with limited artistic ability. The best ideas we were able to come up with revolved around the idea of converting the old dinosaur communication device into a lamp. […]

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Qazzoo reviews New York Dining


If there is a single place on earth that someone can taste the entire world in a week it is New York City. New York has every type of restaurant and eatery that has ever been invented and some that perhaps should not have been invented. Imagination […]

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