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What Should You Be Broadcasting On Facebook Live?


Wonder which topics would be suitable for your real estate broadcasts? Here’s a short list to give you some ideas: Walk-through of a new listing – Spend some extra time on the beautiful features the home/property has to offer. Weekly wrap-up of your business – Did you […]

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Why You Should Be Using Facebook Live? Because It Works!


Facebook Live is built into the area where you normally go to publish a status update. You also have the option to either broadcast from your personal profile or your verified Facebook Business Page. This feature only works on the Facebook mobile app and is available to […]

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How To Live Stream Your Listings With Facebook Live


Step 1: In the mobile app, create a status post. Once you’re able to start typing, look right above the keyboard, and select the icon on the far right, resembling a silhouette with two halos. Step 2: Create a catchy title for your video. You want your […]

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Qazzoo Finding the Best Leads


Out the front and in the back the leads come in to sites that generate leads the old fashioned way. They promise the user a chance to look at some homes that no one else has and then require a buyer to fill in a form. This […]

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Same Leads, Different Outcomes


Recently Qazzoo had a client in New York that called with a story that was worth a share. The real estate agent is in New York City. Anyone that knows anything about New York City knows that it is one of the most densely populated cities in […]

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Qazzoo is Searching Are You?


Are you an agent or loan officer that has found it tough to generate new business online? Are you getting calls from companies each day that promise the moon and stars and deliver a crater that sucks your money out of your pocket while delivering little to […]

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Qazzoo and Exclusive Leads


The one thing that we can say about all homebuyers is that they want their problem solved and that most of them don’t really care who solves it. Qazzoo knows that they want their needs met and many look at us as no more than servers at […]

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Qazzoo Social Media Is Improving


Instead of news feed’s that mean little to us and pop up ads that mean little to anyone, Qazzoo has created a platform where people who want to accomplish a goal can meet in order to help each other achieve those goals. Currently Qazzoo is focused on […]

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Qazzoo Breaks All The Rules…And Loves It!


No more what? No more geographic restrictions? No more bogus leads? No more long-term contracts? No more leads shoved into our email box that we know nothing about? How can this be? These are long-standing rules regarding how we do business today with the advertising platforms online. […]

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Qazzoo Leads for Sellers and Buyers!


The buyers are the easy part. The sellers are just a little more complicated but really they are easy too. Just put in the search bar the word “listing” or any reasonable facsimile of the word. Other words that work are “Sellers” and be sure to add […]

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