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Importance of Employee Training


We recently wrote an article on how to find the right real estate agency for you, and one of the biggest points we made in that article was the prioritize training when applying to agencies. Especially if you are a new agent, training is an important part […]

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Tips for First Time Landlords


Becoming a landlord, whether you are renting out an entire property or just the spare room in your house, can be a great source of income. It can also be daunting if you have never done it before. We’ve compiled 10 easy tips for first time landlords […]

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A perfect storm is brewing for a sellers’ market.

People are always going to buy homes no matter the conditions of the market but this year we are seeing a strong sellers’ market because of three main factors. There is less inventory than this time last spring, the prices of homes have risen and mortgage rates […]

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Just bought a house? Here’s how to have the perfect housewarming shindig!


It’s been a long journey, but you’ve finally gotten the house you wanted. You have all your furniture in the perfect spots, all the boxes have been unpacked, and it’s time to invite guests over for the first time! Whether it’s your first or fifth home purchase, […]

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Raising interest rates will get homebuyers out of hibernation


Spring is always a good time for real estate but this year has an added benefit. The recent increase in interest rates across the country is going to shift home shoppers into home buyers very shortly. The rates are still at record lows but the thought of […]

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How to turn a sitting duck listing into a profit in the winter months

How to turn a sitting duck listing into a profit in the winter months

Majority of agents do not like to list homes during the winter months because the lack of activity in the market. This has become a thing of the past since homebuyers can home shop from the comfort of their homes with the internet. Less competition If a […]

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Selling A Home In The Winter


As a real estate professional, you may find the market slows down in the winter. However, this doesn’t mean you should lose hope in selling that property before spring. Below are a handful of tips for selling during winter. Stay seasonal. Make a festive impression on potential […]

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10 Things In Your Home Costing You Money

save money

Homes cost a lot of money to maintain. But are you spending extra money unnecessarily on the upkeep of your home? Here are 10 of the most expensive mistakes you could be making in your home. 1. Using Traditional Light bulbs If you still have incandescent light […]

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Tips For Closing Out The Year On A High Note


Are you close to reaching your goals for the year? Whether you maintained your momentum throughout the year or you’re trying to catch up after a setback, you can still get on track to finish the year strong. While many agents may begin to wind down at […]

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How To Choose A New Neighborhood


Whether you are looking for a hip enclave of bars or a quiet suburban street filled with families for your kids to play with, choosing a new neighborhood requires a lot of consideration. However there are many things to think about when making the leap to new […]

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