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Archive for April 2010

Some objects hold a special sentimental

Some objects hold a special sentimental value for Dr. Gentilezza. His late mother, Carmella Gentilezza, collected bells, so there’s a PSU bell on display in her honor. The incident prompted fresh questions about both candidates’ openness regarding their health. Trump released a new letter from his doctor […]

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Russell Peters on finally getting his own TV series

BANFF, Alta. Russell Peters isn modest when it comes to how much he makes for a living. When he was being honoured at the Banff World Media Festival this week, he was introduced by Elaine (Lainey) Lui, co host of Social, as the Canadian comedian who made […]

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Republican gains mean divided government in many states

Washington This election was pretty much all about Republican gains, but that doesn’t mean more Americans will be living under “red” government at the state level. Instead, the big import in states is a return of divided government with control split between the two major parties. What […]

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