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Archive for July 2019

How Social Ads Have Changed Real Estate Marketing

Social media plays a crucial role in real estate marketing today, particularly in the form of social media posts and social ads. In many ways, social media has forever changed the way in which agents are able to connect with their prospects. With 90.4% of millennials being […]

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5 Reasons to Consider Drone Aerial Photography as a Marketing Tool for Your Business

Photography is an integral part of real estate in the real estate market today. Each day, millions of photos are uploaded online to advertise property listings on both social media and professional real estate websites. While high-quality traditional photos are excellent for showcasing a home, drone aerial […]

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5 Compelling Content Ideas For Real Estate Agents

How does a real estate agent stand out from the crowd? Digital marketing is one of the best ways for an agent to promote their brand in 2019. An agent looking to expand their business and attract more clients should aim to post compelling and informative content […]

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